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 Household, Furniture and Office Removals our main aim is to provide you with a smooth and stress-free local, national and international relocation service. Our services include the moving of office and house furniture, pianos, and antiques.

We supply packaging supplies, such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and packing boxes, as well as a storage facility for your belongings should you require it.

A cost effective Removal Solution

Our cost-effective removal rates are based on the vehicle size and the amount of removal staff required. Offering our moving services at local rates.
For your convenience, we also offer our vehicles and drivers at hourly rates in the Munster region.
The Self Load Trailer, which we tow and you load, is a fantastic method of keeping your costs down.
The Part Load service will combine your home or office removals with shared, self-contained loads to fill our vehicles. You are charged only for the amount of transport space you use, while we deliver a hassle-free move of your items. At the same time this reduces your carbon footprint and your bill!
Piano Moving is our speciality, local  and nationwide.
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Piano and specialist removers

Piano and specialist removals

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 Piano Removals

Piano and specialist removals

If you have delicate antiques, grand father clocks or piano’s you are going to require a specialist to handle their relocation. Our staff undergo special training to move such items and have all the necessary equipment at hand to do their job properly. 
Difficult access – we are able to arrange for specialist lifting platforms or cranes to gain access to tall buildings with narrow entrance ways or stairways.


Office removals

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Moving office? Choose a professional

Relocating your business requires a service you can rely upon not to let you down, because in most cases timing is everything. You need your move to take up as little time as possible so you can get on with organising your company effectively. Click here to see us at work.
When you choose Rogers Removals you can be sure that we will act as speedily as possible and maintain the quality of our service to ensure your company relocation passes with ease. We can organise crate hire for you (an ideal way of transporting files) or we can provide you with a free loan of boxes. We also offer a full or part packing service. As an insured remover we are able to accept liability for loss or damage upto a value of £50,000.00 (This amount can be increased).
We believe that you can not find a better or more dedicated removal company than Rogers Removals. Why not put us to the test?



Home removals

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Moving home? Choose a professional

Moving home can be a stressful experience. It seems as though you have a million and one things to do! However, by choosing the right mover you will relieve yourself of much of the associated stress. We are signed up to the BAR Code of Practice
Our staff are trained uniformed professionals who aim to make your moving day pass with ease. As well as being competent furniture movers our staff are courteous, helpful and polite. We operate a fleet of specialist removal vehicles complete with transit blankets, trolleys and webbing. We have our own  storage facility for customers that require mid move or longer term storage. We also offer a full packing, part packing or owner packing service with free loan of packing cases.
As an insured remover we are able to accept liability for loss or damage upto a value of £50,000 (This amount can be increased).



Packing services – Household

Packing is a crucial part of any move. Get it wrong and it can be costly. Our experienced, fully trained staff can take care of some or all of the packing for your move. Alternatively you may choose to pack for your self.
Should you opt for the Full Packing Service we will typically send a team of packers to your home prior to your move and they will pack all belongings and prepare all items for your move. Our staff have access to quality packing materials and are trained, experienced professionals. Having our staff carry out the packing also gives you a superior insurance cover.

Preparing for your move

The boxes are delivered flat with sufficient tape. The boxes may have been used previously. We like to use the boxes as many times as possible to enable us to keep prices down, and would ask you to keep them clean and dry until we are able to collect them. Unless stated, they remain our property and a charge of £2.00 (plus VAT) per box will be made for boxes retained or returned unusable.
If you run out of boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will endeavour to make a second delivery as soon as possible.

Making up and sealing the boxes

Tape boxes using two lengths of tape, the first through the middle and across the seam (to hold the box together) the second along the seam (to seal the box.) Do the same on the top of the box and write across the tape, using a permanent marker, the room where the box is to be placed and a brief description of the contents eg. BED 1 (shoes), KITCHEN (tinned food), etc. Mark the appropriate boxes ‘FRAGILE’ to ensure careful handling and loading.

What box to use for what

Smaller boxes should be used to pack heavy, small items such as books, records, tins, bottles, cutlery, heavy food (rice, sugar etc) and heavy ornaments. Long stemmed glasses, delicate ornaments, very fragile china, glasses and small pictures should also be packed in these boxes. Books, for the most part, should be packed flat. They may be packed on their edges, but never with the opening facing downwards as this may break the binding. Pictures and records should be packed on their edges. Make sure that bottle tops are tight and pack bottles upright.
 Medium sized boxes are the most commonly used and are used for most other household effects such as pots, pans, glass, china, ornaments, pictures, clothing, food etc. When packing china plates they should be placed on their edges, never flat, on the bottom of the box in batches of three or four, with paper between each plate. When the bottom of the box is covered continue filling with heavy china, Pyrex, mugs, bowls, vases etc. On top of this place glass and china (pack glasses upright.) Fill the boxes to capacity using soft items such as pillows, cushions, towels, cuddly toys, etc to take up any space on top. It is also a good idea to place soft items between each layer of china. Do not overfill the boxes; keep them square and in shape.
 Larger boxes should be used for lighter items such as clothing, light linen, shoes, bedding, toys, board games etc You may also pack light pots and pans in these cartons. Keep back sufficient large boxes for packing of bedding in current use and mark boxes accordingly ie. BED 1, BEDDING, this will ensure they are easily identified for making up beds at your new home.

Empty Boxes

When opening the boxes and making them flat, cut through the tape using a knife or scissors, please do not rip the tape off as this is messy and tends to ruin the box. We will collect the empty flat boxes as soon as possible after you notify us. We are unable to take other used materials or rubbish.

Hanging Clothes

Transit rails will be on our vehicle for your use on moving day. If you are storing hanging garments we are able to supply cardboard wardrobes at an additional cost.
It is generally not necessary to unpack chests of drawers, ottomans or similar furniture.

Last, but not least

Tea and coffee making equipment should be packed last in one box and marked urgent, open first.
 We offer quality packing materials at great rates. If you are able to find a self-storage company selling comparable packing materials cheaper than us we will refund twice the difference. Remember, if you are using Rogers Removals for your move, boxes will be loaned to you and tape supplied free of charge

To purchase packing materials call us on: 020 3589 5919


Product and its usePrice (Ex. VAT) per item
 6 cube box – a large double walled box used to pack light items such as bedding.£3.50 New | £2.50 Used
 4 cube box – a medium sized double walled box for font use.£3.00 New | £2.00 Used
 2 cube box – a smaller double walled box used for packing heavier items such as books and tinned foods.£3.00 New | £2.00 Used
 Tape – a high quality “Rogers Removals” branded tape used for sealing boxes.£2.00
 Packing paper – used for wrapping and packing glass and china. Approx 500 sheets per ream.£12.00
 Bubble wrap – used for packing fragile items. 100 meters per roll.£20.00
 Wardrobe carton – hang your clothes inside for crease free transport.£10.00
 Stik N Guard – carpet protector.10 meters = £20.00


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